AOAP Meeting Summary: August 13, 2014 — Dearborn, MI


  • Currently 27 Oil Voting Companies, 9 Auto Voting Companies make up AOAP.
  • AOAP Voting Process is now Final (Annex C). The first item proposed for discussion will be finalization of the GF-6 Needs statement.

Test updates

  • Chrysler Oxidation &Deposit test: Final hardware is now available, but is currently limited to the development labs where the focus is discrimination and reproducibility.
  • GMOD : Targeting to be ready for precision matrix in Q4 2014.
  • IVB: Current development focused on test length and cycle impact on discrimination.
  • VH: Focus on calibration changes involving injection timing and coolant effects on fuel dilution. Due to changes in engine design vs. the sequence VG, Ford is investigating different rating locations.
  • Chain wear – Ford reports chain discrimination with longer test and plans to re-run an HD CJ-4 candidate oil to investigate discrimination.
  • VIE: The surveillance panel reports the test is not ready for precision matrix test pending several issues including investigations of additive carry-over.
  • LSPI: Ford is installing a new transducer installation to address transducer durability issues.

GF-6A/B labeling

  • API summarized Exit Ballot for Labeling GF-6A vs. GF-6B suggests there is no consensus between oil marketer and auto companies. Discussions will continue at subsequent meetings.

Timeline Update:

  • No official changes to the timeline but it is generally accepted that it may be delayed until later in 2017 contingent on test development and PC-11 timing.

Next AOAP Meeting: The next AOAP meeting is scheduled for September, 2014.

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