AOAP Meeting Summary: September 11, 2014 — Detroit, MI

  • Most of the group’s discussion was concerned with how to ballot an updated GF-6 Needs Statement. Following the revised Annex C process, it was decided that AOAP members will agree (by email) to allow the new version of the needs document to go to ballot. API will then issue an electronic ballot to all voting member companies.
  • API reported ILSAC’s wish to issue a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to cover precision matrix testing for all new tests except the GMOD, which will be funded separately by GM.
  • A precision matrix is required for each engine test in order to develop ASTM repeatability and reproducibility. This is equally funded by ILSAC, ACC and API. Since ILSAC wishes to set aside their portion of the precision matrix funding in 2014, they require a signed MOA by the end of the year. Any additional BOI/VGRA testing required to develop industry read across guidelines for the new tests will be funded separately by API and ACC.
  • Test development continues but dates have slipped past the deadlines in the current GF-6 timeline. This suggests GF-6 first-licensing will be delayed beyond January 1, 2017. While the published GF-6 timeline has not officially changed, GF-6 may be delayed into the second half of 2017.
  • After additional review, AOAP membership now consists of 26 Oil Voting Companies and 11 Auto Voting Companies.
  • Next AOAP Meeting: The next AOAP meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2014.

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