The latest heavy-duty engine oil categories of API CK-4 and FA-4 saw first license December 1, 2016.

Previously referred to as Proposed Category 11 (PC-11), and driven by increasingly strict regulatory measures worldwide, this API upgrade focuses on drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving fuel economy, and emphasizes improvements in oxidation stability, shear stability and resistance to aeration. For the first time in history, in response to the range of viscosity grades in the market, this category upgrade has been split into two. API FA-4 (previously referred to as PC-11B) oils meets developing market needs and API CK-4 (PC-11A) offers backward compatibility in higher HTHS viscosity grades.

Key Facts:

  • First License date 1st December 2016
  • These new oils are simply better than today’s API CJ-4 oils
  • Predominantly affects large diesel engines, off-highway vehicles including construction and agricultural equipment
  • First time the category has been split. Due to the split, differentiated by their HTHS limit, awareness on using/specifying the correct oil becomes even more critical:

API CK-4 : Backward compatible – minimum 3.5 cP HTHS

API FA-4 : For modern engine designs – 2.9-3.2 cP HTHS