At the Auto-Oil Advisory Panel (AOAP) meeting on May 9, 2013, ILSAC announced they are modifying the GF-6 Needs Statement to potentially allow for oils to be formulated to <0.06 percent wt. phosphorus. For GF-5 oils the phosphorus specification is >0.06 and <0.08 percent wt. ILSAC feels passing the Sequence IVB valve train wear test, new for GF-6, will assure adequate engine wear protection so no elemental minimum is needed. Maximum phosphorus level will remain at 0.08 percent wt. to enhance emissions system performance.

Also, during this meeting additional test results were reported on SAE 0W-16 engine oils. SAE 0W-16 engines oils have reported robust engine oil performance similar to ILSAC GF-5 oils with slightly better fuel economy. There is no change to the timeline, proposed first API licensing of ILSAC GF-6 remains September 30, 2016. The next AOAP meeting is on June 13, 2013.