ILSAC GF-6A Fuel Economy Challenges

Published April 18, 2013

The fuel economy increase requested in the proposed ILSAC GF-6A specifications represent a significant increase over past GF engine oil categories. At the same time as ILSAC is requesting a fuel economy increase, OEMs are also introducing new engine technology, such as direct injection that, in some cases, includes turbo-charging (GDI-T). GDI-T engine technology brings new challenges of protecting the engine from chain wear and low speed pre-ignition (LSPI). Balancing fuel economy, LSPI, chain wear, piston deposits, sludge control and valve train wear will be a significant challenge for engine oil formulators.

New GF-6A formulations will be complex with multiple new engine test parameters to be passed. This will require very careful balancing of the additive, viscosity modifiers and base oils to meet the performance goals requested by the OEMs.

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