Population growth and the demand for food production ensures that the off-highway market will continue to grow

Today's off-highway hardware is continually modified for increased productivity, efficiency and reliability

This market demands dedicated fluids specialized for extended protection of complex hardware in harsh environments

Off-Highway Heavy-Duty Diesel News and Insight

A Study in Sand

A Study in Sand

Sandy and dusty environments present a variety of challenges to vehicle engines ... Read More
Rise of Lower SAPS Engine Lubricants in the Off-highway Market

Rise of Lower SAPS Engine Lubricants in the Off-highway Market

The European Commission has introduced the Stage V emissions standard to further combat the impact off-highway combustion engines have on ... Read More

Specification Overviews

Learn more about the main industry and OEM specifications.
Energy Efficient Hydraulics

Energy Efficient Hydraulics

Increasing hydraulic efficiency is critical in off-highway and industrial applications. Learn how additive technology can ensure protection and deliver real ... Read More
How Sulfur Content in Diesel Fuel Impacts Engine Oil Formulation

How Sulfur Content in Diesel Fuel Impacts Engine Oil Formulation

Diesel fuel contains sulfur. How does that sulfur content impact engine oil formulation? ... Read More
Leaders in the Field

Leaders in the Field

Farming has changed, and so have the challenges facing farm tractor lubricants, and importance of using the correct lubricant ... Read More
Innovation at CONEXPO 2017 Trade Fair

Innovation at CONEXPO 2017 Trade Fair

Liebherr, Caterpillar, John Deere and BMW Designworks featured off-highway innovations at CONEXPO 2017. Highlighted were new technologies aimed at improving ... Read More

Autonomous Trucking, Farming, Harvesting – and now Mining too

Vehicles capable of taking over some or all of the driving duties have become the major topic of debate among ... Read More

Transmissions and Connectivity Boost Off Highway Productivity

The April, 2016 Bauma construction machinery show in Munich, Germany highlighted the latest off-highway vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers ... Read More

The Importance of Viscosity Modifiers in Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

In the field of drivetrain fluids, one of the toughest applications is the hydraulic system of an agricultural tractor. In ... Read More

Putting the Power in Powershift Transmissions

Traditional engine oils do not provide the level of protection required for today’s heavy duty off-road equipment. Watch this video ... Read More

Quality Tractor Hydraulic Fluids Ensure Performance and Durability

There are multiple reasons for tractor equipment failures. One of the most common is that moving parts are not lubricated ... Read More

Vital Components of an Engine Lubricant

Engine lubricants are complex fluids. Today’s higher performing engine lubricants contain a carefully balanced formulation of base oils, advanced additives ... Read More

Hard Working Oils

Farm tractor universal tractor transmission oils (UTTO), as their name suggests, are designed to lubricate more than just the transmission ... Read More

CVTs Part 2: CVTs for Farm Tractors

The previous article in this series discussed the features and benefits of CVTs. Article 2 examines CVTs for farm tractors ... Read More