There were over 66 million heavy-duty trucks and 320 million light-duty commercial vehicles in use worldwide in 2017

It is forecasted that in 2030 there will be over 550 million heavy-duty and light-duty commercial vehicles in use worldwide

Emissions legislation and fuel efficiency requirements are driving the need for higher performance commercial lubricant technology

On-Highway Heavy-Duty Diesel News and Insight

Developing Diesel Engine Oils for China VI

Developing Diesel Engine Oils for China VI

China VI, a stricter pollution emission standard scheduled to take effect in 2020, is one of the most urgent issues ... Read More
The Necessity of Marketwide Lubricant Performance in Brazil

The Necessity of Marketwide Lubricant Performance in Brazil

The increasing prevalence of biodiesel will continue to impact the Brazilian heavy-duty market. For fleets old and new, higher-performing lubricants ... Read More
DPF Animation

DPF Animation

Learn about how higher performance engine oils can improve the effectiveness of diesel particulate filters—the filters you count on for ... Read More
Gear Fast, Run Slow

Gear Fast, Run Slow

With the recent EPA-imposed greenhouse gas regulations already beginning to bite and even tighter limits set for 2017, innovations which ... Read More

The Synchronized Manual Transmission – Defined

Synchronized manual transmissions are widely used globally in both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, although they are less common in ... Read More
Regional Market Drivers in China

Regional Market Drivers in China

Auto industry stakeholders have kept their eyes intently on China over the past several years, and for good reason. China ... Read More

Regional Market Drivers in Brazil

Latin America is an increasingly important market for heavy duty diesel engine oil marketers–and Brazil, the region’s most powerful economy, ... Read More

Regional Market Drivers in India

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and its relevance to the global engine oil lubricant market ... Read More

Vital Components of an Engine Lubricant

Engine lubricants are complex fluids. Today’s higher performing engine lubricants contain a carefully balanced formulation of base oils, advanced additives ... Read More

Moving to Higher Performing Lubricants

Simply, switching to higher performing lubricants can be the right choice for your business. While the lubricants market evolves at ... Read More

CVTs Part 1: Principles and Types

In any application, whether it be on- or off-highway, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) can be used as a mechanism ... Read More

Driveline Fluid Changes Q&A Part 2

Q&A Part 2: Ensuring Safe and Effective Off-Highway Fluid Changes ... Read More

The Need for Dedicated Manual Transmission Fluids

Modern, synchronized manual transmissions utilize a wide variety of different synchronizer materials. This video illustrates the role of the synchronizer ... Read More

High Temperature High Shear Viscosity of Engine Oils

High temperature high shear (HTHS) viscosity of engine oils is a critical property that relates to the fuel economy and ... Read More