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Passenger Car Specifications

Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI): What's Really Going On?

Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI): What’s Really Going On?

As gasoline engine manufacturers have continued to optimize their engines for maximum efficiency and minimum emissions, a phenomenon called Low-Speed ... Read More
Preparing for ILSAC GF-6

Preparing for ILSAC GF-6

A new motor oil standard, ILSAC GF-6, is being introduced into the marketplace. In this video, we look at what ... Read More

Specification Overviews

Learn more about the main passenger car industry and OEM specifications.
SAE J306: A Closer Look

SAE J306: A Closer Look

The SAE J306 standard is critical when it comes to improving efficiency across all parts of the vehicle. Here, we ... Read More
SAE J306 Explained

SAE J306 Explained

SAE J306 is a key specification for automotive gear lubricants, defining the limits for a classification of automotive gear lubricants ... Read More
ACEA European Oil Sequences Update

ACEA European Oil Sequences Update

The targeted release date for the next ACEA Oil Sequences has been pushed back to 2020. Here we explain the ... Read More
How Lubricants Can Reduce Emissions

How Lubricants Can Reduce Emissions

Keith Howard, Strategic Technology Manager Ping Zhu, Director of Technology, Asia In previous articles, we touched on how high performance ... Read More

The Impact of Fuels on China 6 & Vice Versa

As emissions limits tighten, fuel quality becomes increasingly important.This is particularly true for China 6, with its added focus on ... Read More

One Step Closer to ILSAC GF-6 First License Date

An agreement in principle on the ILSAC GF-6A and GF-6B specifications has been set for a May 1, 2020 first ... Read More

Getting Real with Emissions in China

For many years, emissions measurement and certification has been performed under laboratory conditions, however it's widely recognized this didn't produce ... Read More

No Time to Spare – China 6 is Here, Now

Learn more about the timeline for China 6 legislation and tightening of limits, considering the implications for lubricant and fuel ... Read More

China’s Ever-Tightening Fuel Consumption Regulations

China 6 emissions, combined with equally tough fuel economy requirements, are leading to ever-tightening fuel consumption limits ... Read More

China 6: The World’s Most Challenging Emissions Standard

Keith Howard, Strategic Technology Manager Ping Zhu, Director of Technology, Asia Many of China’s cities have had serious air quality ... Read More

Why has SAE J306 for Automotive Gear Lubricants Been Revised?

Effective February 2019, the SAE J306 standard has been revised, better outlining low viscosity grades for future manual transmission fluid ... Read More

Understanding the Chinese Automotive Market (Part 4)

Robin Wang, Marketing Manager - China, discusses how the introduction of higher emissions limits with China 6 will result in ... Read More