AOAP Meeting Summary: December 13, 2012

Published January 10, 2013

What is ILSAC GF-6?

The Auto-Oil Advisory Panel (AOAP) met on December 13, 2012 to discuss the progress of the proposed ILSAC GF-6 engine oil specification. A new timeline was reviewed with a proposed first API licensing date of September 1, 2016 (NOTE: First licensing date is officially April, 2018). The ILSAC GF-6A/6B would replace the current GF-5, represented by the Starburst/Certification Trademark and would provide a new performance level of an engine oil for spark-ignited internal combustion engines. The final standard would have to result in a balance among these equally important needs listed below. This performance standard would provide improvements relative to ILSAC GF-5 in the following categories:

  • Fuel economy and fuel economy retention
  • Engine oil robustness to provide performance levels required to protect engines in the global markets
  • Adjustments in physical limits to allow improved performance while maintaining overall durability performance

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